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Big Bamboo Beach Resort Sipalay offers a range of rooms  with different native styles and prices
Langub Family Room 1
with AC
Langub Family Room 1_04.jpeg
Langub Family Room 2&3
with AC
Langub 3 01.jpeg
Family Studio
with AC
12 Family Studio 18.jpeg
Big Bamboo Cottage 1 & 2
with AC
01 Big Bamboo Cottage.jpg
Bamboo Cottage 3
with AC
Bamboo Cottage 3_1.jpeg
Bamboo Cottage 4
with AC
Bamboo Cottage 4 (1)_edited.png
Bamboo Cottage 1&2
with AC
Bamboo Cottage AC 8.jpeg
Bamboo Hut with fan
Bamboo Hut 3 01.jpeg
Bamboo Hut Native Style
Bamboo Hut 1.jpeg
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